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High Degree of Accuracy within a Dragon Design

Linden, 13 December 2018 – Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals which boasts performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now introduces the successor to its popular gaming mouse, the Drakonia. The new Drakonia II is again presented with a distinctive dragon-scale design and pleasant ergonomic form. The mouse also features a high performance optical sensor from PixArt as well as numerous programmable buttons.

Precise Sensor and Adjustable Weight

The Sharkoon Drakonia II is equipped with an optical PixArt 3360 sensor, offering a maximum of 15,000 DPI, and provides the user with six customizable DPI levels. The white illuminated DPI indicator has the essential function of signaling which level is currently selected. For further precision and a more individualized operation, the Drakonia II has an internal weight tuning system consisting of five weights, each weighing 5.6 grams, adjusting the weight by up to 28 grams in total.

Equipped for Everything Thanks to Twelve Programmable Buttons

The Drakonia II offers twelve programmable buttons, which will be particularly interesting for MMO gamers, as these can be assigned with regularly used functions. Additionally, the two thumb buttons of the predecessor model have now been upgraded to a total of six buttons. For greater durability, the left and the right mouse buttons have been equipped with robust Omron switches.

Dragon Design with RGB Illumination

The Drakonia II comes with an eye-catching dragon-scale design and is available in either green or black. The thumb button, the scroll wheel and the Drakonia logo are all supported with RGB illumination. A secure grip is ensured thanks to the texturized thumb rests found on each side of the mouse.

Wide-Ranging Gaming Software

To make the Drakonia II ready for the next battle, the Sharkoon has combined the gaming mouse with a high performing software. When using this, the DPI levels can be set and buttons can be assigned with macros and a multitude of other functions. Moreover, the software enables the customization of the colors and lighting effects. The gaming software is available as a free download from the Sharkoon website.

The Sharkoon Drakonia II is now available for retail as a green or black version.

New and Optimized Midi Tower with Tempered Glass and RGB

Linden, November 2018. Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals which boast performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now presents the TG4, a more compact case version of the TG5. In addition, the manufacturer has added an RGB lit midi tower with addressable fans to its SKILLER SGC1 series. The latter model now also features a tempered glass side panel instead of acrylic. The TG4 is also comes with addressable RGB fans, but models are also available with single color fans.

Sharkoon TG4: Compact Case for Price-Conscious Gamers

The Sharkoon TG4 is more compact than the highly acclaimed and proven TG5. When developing this ATX midi tower, the focus was on a compact format with small dimensions, so unnecessary features such as mounting bays for optical drives were deliberately avoided. However, there are no major limitations to the hardware which can be used: When it comes to mainboards, mini-ITX and (micro-)ATX models can be easily mounted. The graphics card and the power supply unit can be a maximum of 37.5 and 26.5 centimeters respectively. The CPU cooler should not exceed a height of 16 centimeters. There is also room for two 3.5 inch and four 2.5 inch drives. This makes the TG4 ideal for air-cooled systems.

Modern Optics Thanks to Glass and RGB

Just like its predecessor, the TG4 has a tempered glass front and side panel, which not only provides an elegant design, but also provides a generous view of the components. The TG4 is also equipped with four pre-installed and illuminated 120 millimeter fans. Three of them are located in the front and one in the rear, which guarantees an efficient air flow.

For the lighting, the buyer has a choice of three variants, either with red, blue or RGB illuminated fans. The latter are addressable models that can be connected to an integrated 4-port RGB controller. This controller can be connected to a 3-pin connector for addressable RGB LEDs on the mainboard so that colors and effects can synchronize with the other components. Alternatively, the lighting can also be controlled manually. In this mode, 14 lighting effects are available, which can be switched through via the reset button on the case. The illumination can also be completely deactivated.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGC1 RGB Completes the Product Range

With the Sharkoon SKILLER SGC1 RGB, the manufacturer has added a version with two addressable 120 millimeter RGB LED fans and a side panel made of tempered glass to its range of cases of the same name. The models currently available are equipped with single-color fans and an acrylic side window. The new version also has a 4-port RGB controller that can be connected to the mainboard to synchronize the lighting effects with the rest of the hardware. Like the TG4, it is also possible to select the 14 lighting effects via the reset button or to switch off the illumination completely.

The Usual Wide Range of Features

Otherwise, the virtues of the SKILLER SGC1 series are of course retained. This also includes the numerous installation options: for example, mounting mainboards in mini-ITX, micro-ATX and ATX standards is no problem. It is also possible to integrate CPU coolers up to a height of 15.3 centimeters as well as graphics cards with a length of 40 centimeters and power supply units with a length of 24 centimeters. In addition, two 5.25 inch installation bays are available in which, for example, optical drives can be tool-free installed. Alternatively, 3.5 inch hard drives can also be installed. But if more space is needed, the bays can also be completely dismantled.

In the underside of the case there is a tunnel that covers the power supply and the hard drive cage, thus ensuring a tidy appearance. The cage can be moved to a certain extent and it allows the installation of two HDDs. The hard drives are decoupled from the cage by suitable rubber coatings. Sharkoon has put a cut out in the cover towards the front in order to create space for the installation of water cooling radiators; and thanks to practical extra-long slots, different sizes can be flexibly installed in the bottom and the top of the case. Numerous cable pass-throughs also allow the cables to be laid neatly. In addition, the interior is protected by removable dust filters on the front, top and bottom.

Prices and Availability

All three versions of the Sharkoon TG4 are now available. The Sharkoon SKILLER SGC1 RGB is also available now.

Optimal Gliding Properties for Gaming Mice

Linden, 21 November 2018. Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components und peripherals which boast performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon has now expanded their popular 1337 RGB mouse mat series with additional sizes. As before, the gaming mats offer perfect gliding properties and a nonslip base. In addition, the mouse mat has a cable guide, keeping the connecting cables tidily out of the way.

Sharkoon 1337 RGB with a robust soft surface.

The mouse mats of the 1337 RGB series possess a resilient textile surface for long durability. This has been manufactured in a way that always allows the mouse to effortlessly glide without resistance. To prevent the mouse from slipping even during heated battles, Sharkoon has again relied on a rubberized underside. What’s new, though, is the RGB illumination, which is integrated in the border of the mat. And to enable the lighting to fully come to its visible effect, the manufacturer has used a transparent nylon thread for attaching the LED strip to the mat.

Easy Use and Lighting Effects.

The colors of the illumination can be selected from a specific RGB spectrum. In addition, three different lighting modes are provided, which can be selected and adjusted by the touch of a button on the controller of the 1337 RGB mouse mat. Due to its height of only 9 mm, the controller unit remains unobtrusive even when a wide field for maneuver is needed. Sharkoon has also integrated a practical mouse cable guide for more convenience while gaming.

Various Sizes for Every Kind of Gamer.

All the gaming mouse mats of the 1337 RGB series are only 3 mm thick and thus maintain a low profile. Differences only occur when it comes to the surface size: The already available 1337 RGB measures 359 x 279 mm and is thus the ideal choice for most users. Whoever needs more space, can reach for the 1337 RGB XL, which amounts to 450 x 380 mm. And for those who also want to place their keyboard on the mousepad, the 1337 RGB XXL is available. This version measures a proud 905 x 425 mm and enables an unhindered use of the mouse.

The new bigger gaming mats of the 1337 RGB series are now available.

Gaming Mouse that Focuses on the Essentials

Linden, 29 October 2018 – Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components und peripherals which boast performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now presents its latest gaming mouse: the SKILLER SGM2. The mouse concentrates on essential virtues and avoids any unnecessary extras. The result is a straightforward, ergonomic peripheral device for right-handers with plug and play installation and an optical sensor capable of 6,400 DPI – at a very competitive price.

Comfortable Use Thanks to Proven Design

The SKILLER SGM2 is well suited for right-handers due to its ergonomic form and always offers a comfortable grip thanks to the carefully chosen materials in its manufacture. The rubberized sides and its form allow the mouse to fit comfortably in hand with nearly any style of grip. Extra convenience is provided by the easily accessible thumb buttons which possess a clearly felt pressure point.

Optical Sensor with 6,400 DPI

The inside of the SKILLER SGM2 also has something to offer due to its optical sensor with a maximum DPI of 6,400. There are four steps to choose from: 400, 1,200, 3,200 and 6,400 DPI. This, in combination with a 1,000 Hertz polling rate, should always ensure precise input and maneuvers. Using the DPI switch, the resolution of the sensor can be quickly selected even during the game. The illuminated SKILLER logo serves as an indicator - with a different color for each chosen DPI level. Any complex software has been consciously avoided, resulting in mouse which can be put into use quickly and easily.

Effective RGB Illumination

The SKILLER SGM2 gaming mouse catches the eye with its classic yet colorful design: The uncomplicated appearance in black is set off by an RGB contour stripe and the lit SKILLER logo. Using the switch on the underside of the mouse, six lighting modes can be selected. If no illumination is desired, the LEDs can be completely deactivated.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGM2 gaming mouse is now available.

Executive Chair for Demanding Gamers

Linden, 22 October 2018 – Sharkoon Technologies, is a globally active supplier of PC components and peripherals which boast performance at an affordable price. The Sharkoon brand has now expanded its range of gaming chairs and introduces the SKILLER SGS5: a premium model with an upholstery cover in real leather.

High Quality Cover Made of Real Leather

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS5 makes its debut in the color black and offers an upholstery cover in real leather. Due to the characteristics of this breathable material, such as creases, grain and natural blemishes, the SKILLER SGS5 not only makes an especially welcoming appearance of high quality but also offers top-class comfort.

Flexible Head and Lumbar Cushions included

If needed, the included cushions can be easily attached and flexibly positioned, resting the neck and spine - which is especially important for long gaming sessions. The textile cushion covers can be easily removed and washed at 30 degrees.

High Degree of Comfort and Durable Framework

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS5 possesses the same generous dimensions and comfort features as the SGS4: The maximum load still amounts to 150 kilograms due to fact that this new model also has a robust framework made of steel. The recommended maximum body size of the user is 200 cm, made possible by the large seating surface and wide backrest.

Aluminum Five-Star Base and Wheels with Locks

The solid five-star base, made of aluminum, and the extra-large 75 mm wheels provide additional stability. The wheels should guarantee mobility on all even floor surfaces and give a secure hold thanks to the practical lock function. Above all, racing game enthusiasts, who immerse themselves in games using racing wheels, will find this feature as a decisive advantage: Thanks to the brakes, the chair will not roll back when the pedals are pushed down.

Comfortable Padding and 4D Armrests.

Best seating comfort is promised by a supportive foam padding– with a quoted density of 70 kg/m3 - on the seat and backrest. An ergonomic sitting posture is assisted by the 4D armrests. These can be adjusted for the desired height, width and armlength. They can also be adjusted at a horizontal angle. The stable class 4 gas lift piston provides the optimal seating height. For relaxing, even during the game, the suspension supported rock function can be applied, and, using the tilt angle lock, the chair can be locked at stepped angles from 0 to 14 degrees. For prolonged gaming breaks, the backrest can be reclined and fixed at an angle from 90 to 160 degrees.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS5 Gaming Seat is now available.

Sharkoon PURE STEEL ATX Midi Tower | Minimalist Steel Body | Generous Interior for High-End Gaming Hardware | Tempered Glass Side Panel | Case Interior Designed for Maximum Visibility of Components | Possibility of up to Six 120 mm Fans | Available in Three Versions: Black, White, and RGB with Addressable RGB Fans

Linden, 15th October 2018 – With the PURE STEEL, Sharkoon Technologies introduces an ATX midi tower which puts individual creativity into the foreground. The spacious case catches the eye with its minimalist steel body and almost frameless side panel made of tempered glass. In combination with a power supply tunnel which is situated in the top of the case, the side panel should provide an optimal view of the individualized hardware configuration – including the illuminated fan of the power supply. The blank and inconspicuous front panel can thus become the actual side panel. The case would therefore be appropriate as a hardware showroom to be placed on the table top. Those wishing to put a special frame around their hardware can do so using the steel chassis - with its black or white foundation - as a blank canvass for various modding ideas.

For a worthwhile display of the hardware, the PURE STEEL should also be able to incorporate demanding components such as mainboards with dual or multi-processors, CPU coolers with a maximum height of 16 cm as well as graphic cards with a maximum length of 42 cm. A rubberized support is also pre-installed which prevents any sagging of the graphics card.

The PURE STEEL has a pre-installed 120 mm fan at the back and another on the bottom panel. If the HDD/SSD mounting cover is removed from the side panel, up to six 120 mm fans can be installed. The case has extra-long slots for water cooling compatibility. The bottom of the case has sufficient space for a 360 mm radiator.

The PURE STEEL is also available as an RGB version with a black chassis. This version comes with a total of four pre-installed RGB fans all with addressable LEDs. Three fans are situated on the bottom panel and one at the back. The case has a controller for the RGB fans, and this can be used as a hub, connecting compatible mainboards with up to eight addressable RGB components. The illumination is then controlled via the mainboard software. Alternatively, for mainboards without a connection for addressable RGB, the LED components can be manually controlled using the reset switch on top of the case to select fourteen pre-set lighting effects.

The PURE STEEL is now available in a black, white and RGB version.

Sharkoon NIGHT SHARK ATX Midi Tower | Anniversary Case Celebrating 15-Years Sharkoon | Generous Interior for High-End Gaming Hardware | Front Window and Side Panel Made of Tempered Glass | Case Interior Designed for Maximum Visibility of Hardware | Optimized for Liquid Cooling | Possibility of up to Eight 120 mm Fans | Four Case Versions

Linden, 30 August 2018 – Sharkoon Technologies is celebrating their 15th anniversary with a case especially made for high-end gaming hardware. The NIGHT SHARK ATX Midi Tower is the largest chassis PC case launched so far by Sharkoon. It is able to incorporate larger dual and multi-processor mainboards, graphic cards with a maximum length of 42 cm plus CPU coolers with a maximum height of 16 cm. The installed components can be clearly seen through the side panel and the case front window, both made of tempered glass. To maximize the view of all components, Sharkoon has turned its usual interior configuration on its head by placing the power supply tunnel in the top of the case. Thus, not only does the power supply fan become more visible, but also the view of all the other components are enhanced.

The NIGHT SHARK is optimized for liquid cooling. The removable HDD/SDD mounting plate in the inner side panel has special extra-long slots for the easy installation of liquid cooling reservoirs. A 240 mm or a 280 mm radiator can fit comfortably on the case front, and a 360 mm radiator can be installed on the bottom panel. A total of eight 120 mm fans, with removed HDD/SDD mounting plate, can be installed for those who prefer “classic” cooling. Instead of two 120 mm fans, two 140 mm fans can be mounted in the front of the case.

For a personalized airflow, the case is available in four different versions. The NIGHT SHARK Lite comes completely without any fans. The NIGHT SHARK Blue and the NIGHT SHARK Red have two pre-installed 120-mm LED fans in blue or red behind the front panel as well as a 120 mm blue or red LED fan on the back of the case. The NIGHT SHARK RGB also has three pre-installed 120 mm fans, two at the front and one at the back, each with addressable LED RGB rings. For controlling the LED fans, the NIGHT SHARK RGB has a pre-installed RGB hub on board. This can be used either with the mainboard software and digital RGB controller or manually via the reset button on top of the case. With older mainboards, the manual control allows the user to choose from fourteen preset lighting effects. Control via the mainboard software allows for an illumination within a range of 16.8 million colors.

The Sharkoon NIGHT SHARK is now available in a Lite version. Also available are the NIGHT SHARK Blue version and Red version and the NIGHT SHARK RGB.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGK4 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard | Rubber Dome Keyboard with N-Key Rollover Support and Segmented RGB Background Illumination in Six Zones | Four Profile Keys and Four Illumination Keys | Gaming Software with Customizable Key Functions and Macros | Function Keys with Preset Multimedia Actions

Sharkoon has extended its range of gaming keyboards and introduces the SKILLER SGK4: a rubber dome keyboard with real n-key rollover support and segmented RGB background illumination, which can be adjusted within six zones. Different colors and lighting effects can be selected using the four dedicated illumination keys. The illumination can also be customized via the SGK4 software for Windows - whether for effects, frequency, direction, color or brightness.

Within the software, individual keys can be reassigned with new commands or with configurable macros. In addition, key response times, the behavior of the Windows key, and the polling rate (up to 1,000 Hz) are also customizable. All modifications can be saved in the keyboard memory in any one of four game profiles. The profiles can also be selected, via dedicated keys, during the game. Additional game profiles can be saved on the PC and, through the software, can then be loaded and stored in the onboard memory of the keyboard.

To enable quick access, the SKILLER SGK4 also features a total of twelve function keys with preset multimedia actions. In combination with the SKILLER key, these will perform actions such as starting the media player or adjusting the volume. Other combinations with the SKILLER key can, for example, lock all the keys of the keyboard or virtually swap the arrow and WASD keys.

To help prevent fatigued hands and wrists after long gaming sessions, the 3-block, classically designed keyboard comes with an integrated palm rest. The keyboard connects via a 180 cm long textile braided cable with a gold-plated USB connector.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGK4 illuminated Gaming Keyboard is now available.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGH3 Stereo Gaming Headset | Circumaural Ear Pads | 53 mm Speaker Drivers | Detachable Microphone with Pop Filter | Modular Cable System with TRRS and 3.5 mm Stereo Jacks | Cable Extension with Inline Controller | External USB Sound Card with Hardware Equalizer and Virtual Surround Modes

With the SKILLER SGH3, Sharkoon introduces the most versatile stereo headset of the SKILLER series. The Hi-Fi capable 53 mm drivers promise a forceful sound which can be adjusted according to personal preferences via the external USB sound card. The sound card incorporates a hardware equalizer and is supplied with the headset. The straightforward design, detachable microphone and modular cable connections should also make the headset attractive for mobile use.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGH3 stereo gaming headset presents a design in matt black which aims to be both classic and modern. The typical characteristics of the SKILLER series can be found via the glossy black logo on the ear pads and the design of the metal head frame, which is presented in the color dark titanium. The circumaural form and generous padding of the ear pads should both effectively dampen ambient noise and provide comfortable wear of the headset. In addition, the padded headband can adjust to the user’s head thanks to its flexibility and spring-loaded suspension. This should guarantee both stability and optimal comfort.

With its 53 mm drivers, the SKILLER SGH3 aims to impress with a sound in which bass has the emphasis. If other tones are desired, the sound can be modified at any time using the external USB sound card with its hardware equalizer. The sound card provides a choice of modes with different highs and lows as well as virtual surround effects. The device can be controlled manually without software. Alternatively, with software, three virtual surround modes can be activated, balanced for music, gaming or film. For voice chats, the SKILLER SGH3 has a flexible omnidirectional microphone with pop filter. The microphone can be easily detached, allowing for the mobile use as headphones.

The SKILLER SGH3 is connected via the integrated cable, with its TRRS stereo jack, to smartphones, PS4 and the Xbox One Controller as well as notebooks and ultrabooks. The cable has a length of 110 cm for mobile use. The included extension gives a total cable length of 260 cm and has two stereo jacks, enabling the headset to be used with conventional PCs. Both the inline controller, which is integrated in the extension cable, and the external USB sound card provide both volume control and microphone mute. The external USB sound card can be connected to the headset either via a single 3.5mm TRRS cable or via two 3.5mm stereo jacks for microphone and headphones.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGH3 stereo gaming headset, with included USB sound card, is now available.

Sharkoon Pacelight RGB illumination set | RGB LED controller with up to 16.8 million colors | 8 RGB channels | each channel can be separately controlled for various colors and effects| manual control of four fan channels | intuitive software | set with two Pacelight F1 120 mm RGB fans und two Pacelight S1 RGB LED Strips

In conjunction with the continuing RGB trend, Sharkoon introduces the Pacelight RGB Illumination Set. The set provides the fundamentals for the customized illumination of PC cases. The center-piece of the set is the Pacelight P1 RGB LED controller, which allows the control of up to eight LED components in up to 16.8 million colors. Likewise, up to four fans (with three-pin mainboard connectors) can be controlled via the intuitive software. In addition to the controller, the set gets you started with two included Pacelight F1 120 mm RGB fans and two Pacelight S1 RGB LED light strips.

The Pacelight P1 RGB LED controller is connected to the power supply unit via a SATA power cable and plugged to the mainboard via a nine-pin USB connector. Up to eight LED components with 12 V GRB connections and up to four fans (with three-pin connectors) can then be connected and controlled. For installation inside the case, the P1 has a protective silicon underlay with an adhesive surface. Alternatively, the controller can be attached with cable ties using the provided slots.

The connected fans and strips are controlled using the corresponding software. With this, the LED components can be separately customized within the full RGB spectrum and be individually provided with switchable lighting effects. In addition, the illumination can be set to automatically change according to the day of the week or to the currently active program. It can also be set to dim at a chosen time of the day. Connected fans can be easily checked for compatibility and can be adjusted within the full rpm range. A customized illumination can also be set to indicate a fan failure, should this occur.

The Pacelight F1 RGB fans were especially developed for the P1 and promise a maximum airflow of 93.22 m3/h at 23 dB(A) and 1,400 rpm. Six LEDs in the center should provide an even lighting also at full speed. The Pacelight S1 RGB LED strips each have 18 splash-proof 5050 RGB LEDs along a length of 360 mm. Because of their flexibility and width of just 10 mm, the strips can also find a hold in narrow spaces – either magnetically or by using the adhesive surface.

The Sharkoon Pacelight RGB illumination set – including the Pacelight P1 RGB LED controller, two Pacelight F1 120 mm RGB fans as well as two Pacelight S1 RGB LED strips - is now available. The Pacelight RGB fan F1 as well as the Pacelight RGB LED strip S1 are also available separately.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGS4 Gaming Seat | maximum 150 kg | 200 cm body height | robust steel frame construction| flexible 4D adjustable armrest | advanced suspension and tilt control system | adjustable backrest from 90° to 160° | class-4 gas lift piston | 75 mm wheels with lock | headrest & lumbar cushions included | available in five color versions

Sharkoon has broadened its range of gaming seats and introduces, with the SKILLER SGS4, a model that not only has the convenient functions of the SKILLER SGS3 but also offers expanded seating comfort. An improved steel frame construction is the basis of a 150 kg load capacity. Thanks to an enlarged seat cushion and backrest, the manufacturer recommends a maximum user height of 200 cm.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS4 has been kept in a black look. However, versions with color accents in red, green or blue are also available as well as a version in black and white. The supplied head and lumbar cushions match the color accents of the seats. The cushions can be easily attached and support the neck and spine during longer gaming sessions. The textile covers of the cushions can be simply removed and washed at 30° C.

Due to the enlarged seat cushion and backrest, more sizeable seating comfort can be offered compared to previous models. The required stability has been achieved by means of the improved steel frame construction with a consistent diameter of 22 mm. Additional stability is provided by the solid five-star base made of aluminium as well as the extra-large 75 mm wheels. These guarantee mobility on all even floors and can be blocked using the practical wheel locks.

Seating comfort is provided by a supportive foam padding (with a density specified at 70kg/ m3) in the seat cushion and backrest. In addition, the synthetic leather in these areas is perforated and breathable. An ergonomic seating posture is supported by the 4D armrests, which can be adjusted for any arm length, to the desired height or width, or to a specific horizontal angle. The stable Class-4 gas lift piston provides the optimum seat height. For relaxation, even during the game, the advanced suspension and tilt control system can be used. This allows the seat to be tilted and rocked, which, using the tilt angle lock, can be locked into a position from 0° to 14°. During extended breaks, the backrest invites the gamer to relax at a wide lockable angle between 90° and 160°.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS4 gaming seat is now available in five color versions.

Sharkoon PureWriter RGB and PureWriter TKL RGB | Flat, Mechanical Keyboard | Kailh Low-Profile Switches in Red and Blue | RGB LED Illumination with 16.8 Million Colors | Multimedia Keys | Function Keys with Preset Multimedia Actions | N-Key Rollover | Anti-Ghosting | 1,000 Hz Polling Rate | Detachable USB Cable

Sharkoon widens its range of low profile keyboards, and, with the PureWriter RGB and the PureWriter TKL RGB, introduces two versions with stepless adjustable RGB illumination. Both versions – with or without number block – benefit from additional function keys with preset multimedia actions. Following from the previous PureWriter models without RGB, Sharkoon is continuing with the mechanical switches from the Kailh manufacture. Both RGB Keyboards are available with either red or blue switches.

With the Purewriter RGB and the Purewriter RGB TKL, Sharkoon has put its low-profile keyboards with stepless adjustable RGB illumination into a new light. Apart from preprogrammed lighting effects and preset lighting profiles, there is also a mode which offers an individualized choice of colors from the whole RGB spectrum. The chosen illumination can be programmed on-the-fly and saved in profiles. All settings are made directly on the keyboard and software is not needed.

The keyboard version with the number block has separate multimedia keys for volume control, or for launching the preferred email program. In addition, this and the TKL version both have function keys with preset multimedia actions, which, for example, can be used for controlling the media player.

The puristic aluminium surface remains the same, as does the frameless compact design – measuring 436 mm in length (355 mm for the version without number block) and 127 mm in width. Thanks to n-key rollover, anti-ghosting keys, a polling rate of 1,000 Hz as well as a choice of mechanical switches, the keyboards have not only been made for office use. The blue switches have an acoustic, tactile feedback with a detectable switching point; the red switches could be of interest to gamers as these have a linear characteristic and an undetectable switching and click point. Both keyboard versions have flat keycaps with a height of 6.2 mm and a lifecycle of at least 50 million key strokes.

The PureWriter RGB and the Purewriter TKL RGB connect using one of the supplied USB cables, which each a have a gold-plated micro B plug and a type A plug. The shorter cable has a length of 50 cm, which is ideal for connecting to notebooks. The longer 150 cm cable is suitable for use with conventional PCs. The keyboards are also compatible with Android devices by means of an OTG adapter.

The Sharkoon PureWriter RGB, with either red or blue mechanical switches, is available now. The Sharkoon PureWriter RGB TLK, with either red or blue switches, is also available.

Sharkoon TG5 RGB ATX Midi Tower | Compatible with GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light and ASUS Aura | Pre-Installed 120 mm RGB LED Fans | Tempered Glass Front and Side Panel | Cable-Free Front Panel Design | Movable HDD Cage | Cable Management System | Decoupled Power Supply Mounting | Factory Installed Dust Filter

Sharkoon has added a new version to the TG5 ATX PC Case launched in 2017: The Sharkoon TG5 RGB ATX Midi Tower. In addition to the tempered glass front and left side panel, the TG5 RGB ATX Midi Tower features four 120 mm RGB LED fans as well as a Sharkoon RGB LED strip. In total, six LED elements can be controlled via a 12V-G-R-B connector with the included 6-port RGB hub. The TG5 RGB is compatible with GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASUS Aura as well as other common RGB capable mainboards. For mainboards without a 12V-G-R-B connector, the TG5 RGB comes with a manual color control.

The Sharkoon TG5 RGB is especially made for fans of flashy gaming PCs who want an individualized illumination from as many as 16.8 million colors. The tempered glass left side panel provides a clear view of the illuminated components inside the case. Thanks to the cable management system, the PC case can always make a tidy impression. The front panel is designed cable-free and can thus be removed easily without pulling on any cabling. The front has three pre-installed 120 mm LED fans, and another 120 mm LED fan is pre-installed on the rear panel. In addition, a RGB LED strip is provided for the case interior. The strip can be attached magnetically and by using its adhesive tape. In total, six LED elements can be connected to mainboards with a 12V G-R-B connector and controlled, using the included 6-port RGB hub – as long as the LED elements are compatible with GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASUS Aura or other common RGB capable mainboards. For mainboards without a 12V-G-R-B connector, the TG5 RGB comes with a manual color control. This is equipped with switches, enabling the illumination of the fans and the strip in seven colors, including white. In order to strengthen airflow inside the case, the top panel provides room for up three 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans. For water cooling, a 280 mm or a 360 mm radiator can be installed to the front of the case.

CPU coolers with a maximum height of 16.7 cm can be installed. A CPU cooler cutout in the mainboard tray facilitates the installation. Graphic cards with a maximum length of 40 cm can be inserted, and the maximum length for the power supply is 20.5 cm. Up to three 3.5" hard drives can be mounted decoupled in the tunnel’s HDD cage. If desired, the complete HDD cage can be fixed, via thumbscrews, onto the bottom of the tunnel - and using the oval hole cutouts, the cage can be positioned up to the fan on the front panel. Within the tunnel, a decoupled mounting is provided for the power supply. Two 2.5" HDD/SSDs can be mounted further behind the mainboard tray, or on the tunnel, by means of the two 2.5" mounting brackets and thumbscrews. Four detachable dust filters give protection from dirt, and the filter on the top panel has a convenient magnetic fastening. Two detachable dust filters are located along the sides of the front panel. The front panel is also equipped with two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports plus two audio ports for connecting peripheral devices.

The Sharkoon TG5 RGB ATX Midi Tower is now available from authorized retailers.

Sharkoon 1337 RGB Illuminated Gaming Mouse Mat | Flexible Textile Mouse Mat with RGB Illumination | Various Lighting Modes | Integrated Mouse Cable Guide | Durable Surface Material with Minimal Start and Friction Resistance | Nonslip Rubber Base | DurableStitch Sewing with Illuminated String | Dimensions 359 x 279 x 3 mm | 3 mm Low Height | Power Supply via Textile Braided Cable

The Sharkoon 1337 mouse mat has now been on the market for over 10 years and is one of the all-time bestsellers for well-known online retailers. Since the trend for RGB illumination seems to be unstoppable, it was only natural that the manufacturer also illuminate their bestseller. With the 1337 RGB, Sharkoon now introduces the world’s first RGB illuminated textile mouse mat. Available in the dimensions of 359 x 279 x 3 mm, it is intriguing for gamers who do not just want colorful visual accents on their desktops from their input devices.

Sharkoon now offers the well-known 1337 gaming mats with illumination. The predominately black, 1337 RGB textile mouse mat provides a bordering illuminated RGB string, secured in place with DurableStitch sewing. Three total lighting modes are preset and available: Permanent illumination in one of seven preset colors, Pulsating illumination of one of these colors, and a RGB mode with automatic color change. An integrated RGB controller is located on the upper left edge of the mat, in which all settings occur through a single provided button. Also incorporated into the RGB controller is a mouse cable guide, which makes a separate mouse bungee redundant. The 1337 RGB is powered through a textile braided 180 cm long USB cable with Type A connector, making it compatible with every computer type with corresponding USB port.

The proven characteristics of the Sharkoon 1337 Gaming Mats remain unchanged: The mats were designed together with pro gamers and consist of a durable textile surface, which has minimal start and friction resistance, enabling a precise, fast and quiet mouse usage. Perfectly compatible with all conventional mouse types, or more specifically, both optical and laser sensors. The nonslip rubber base promises a secure grip on all flat surfaces. With dimensions of 359 x 279 mm, and a low height of only 3 mm, the 1337 RGB offers generous and unrestricting freedom of movement.

The Sharkoon 1337 RGB Illuminated Gaming Mouse Mat is now available from authorized retailers.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGS2 Gaming Seat | Breathable Fabric Cover | Steel Frame Construction | 3D Armrests | Adjustable Backrest | Tilt Control System | Class-4 Gas Lift Piston | Headrest & Lumbar Cushions Included | Steel Five-Star Base | 60 mm Wheels | Available in Four Color Versions

Sharkoon expands their range of gaming seats and, with the SKILLER SGS2, introduces a new seat with a breathable fabric cover. The base is made from a steel frame construction, which, in addition to its class-4 gas lift piston, promises optimal stability. Individual adjustments are possible via the 3D armrests and adjustable backrest with tilt control system. Five 60 mm wheels on the steel five-star base provide mobility. The seat offers four total color versions.

Sporty, black design with a selection of highlights in the colors red, blue, green or gray, characterize the new gaming seat from Sharkoon. This time, however, breathable fabric upholstery is used. This encases the 83 cm high foam padded backrest as well as the 39.5 x 50 cm large seat. Embroidered logos and colored stitching, matching the respective color version, additionally decorate the seat. To support an ergonomic seating posture, the gaming seat is equipped with a class-4 gas lift piston, ensuring an optimal seat height. The 3D armrests offer individuality, with adjustments possible in terms of arm length, height and horizontal angle. Breathable fabric head and lumbar cushions, which are provided, match the same color accents of the gaming seat. The lumbar cushion situates into the desired position by using the flexible straps, and both cushions fasten using clip closures. During quick breaks, the backrest can lock at a wide angle between 90° and 160°. With its tilt control system, the SGS2 offers a rocking chair atmosphere with tilt angles from 3° to 18°.

The seat has a steel frame construction with a diameter of 19 mm. A massive five-star base provides further stability, which is also made of steel. The gas lift piston can safely support a maximum weight of 110 kilograms, while the maximum height of the user is estimate at 185 cm. Five 60 mm wheels support the stable stand and ensure mobility on level surfaces. The total weight of the SGS2 is 20.8 kilograms.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS2 is available starting calendar week 8 from authorized retailers.

Sharkoon SGC1 ATX Midi Tower Series | Pre-Installed 120 mm Fans | USB 3.0 | Installation Options for 240 or 360 mm Radiators | Detachable Drive Bays | Cable Management System including Tunnel | Oval Hole Cutouts for Flexible Positioning | Standard Version with Closed Side Panel | Window Version in Four Color Versions including Matching Interior Paint | Acrylic Side Window | Pre-Installed Dust Filter

With the Sharkoon SKILLER SGC1, Sharkoon presents the first case within their SKILLER series. The Window Version offers an acrylic side window with an interior paint in the colors red, green, blue and black, plus a 120 mm LED fan in the respective matching color mounted to the rear panel. The Standard Version has a closed side panel, whereby both version designs are especially suitable as striking gaming PCs for cost-conscious gamers.

Sharkoon expands the specifically designed for gamers SKILLER series with a PC case for the very first time. With a front panel featuring a fins pattern and angular design elements, the newly introduced SGC1 case aims particularly at customers who already own SKILLER products or prefer a gaming PC in the typical design. Both versions come in black and are almost identically designed, however, the Window Version of the striking case features an acrylic side window, LED fans and interior paint in the colors red, green, blue and black. A cable management system and oval hole cutouts, for example for fans, radiators and the HDD cage, are provided inside both versions. The tunnel on the case bottom not only is intended to improve airflow inside the case, but also to conceal the power supply and hard drives from view. Audio connectors for the microphone and headphones as well as two USB 3.0 interfaces are located on top.

The front panel of the series comes with a 120 mm fan and offers installation options for an additional fan up to 140 mm. The front supports the optional ability to mount a 240 or 280 mm radiator. A pre-installed 120 mm fan is attached to the rear panel; with the Window Version, it is a 120 mm LED fan. Two 120 mm fans can attach to the side panel of the Standard Version, if needed. The top panel of the Window Version offers the possibility to install up to three 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans, or optional, 360 or 280 mm radiators can also mount here. The tunnel provides enough space for power supplies up to 24 cm in length and includes a HDD cage, which can accommodate two 3.5" or two 2.5" hard drives decoupled. Oval hole cutouts allow flexible positioning of the HDD cage. If additional 2.5" hard drives are needed, two hard drive brackets are located behind the mainboard tray, which easily attach with thumbscrews. A CPU cooler cutout also facilitates the installation of CPU coolers with a maximum height of 16.5 cm. Cables can be routed behind the mainboard tray via the numerous cable pass-throughs. The maximum length of usable graphics cards is 40 cm. The installation of optical drives is modular, with two drive bays for 5.25" drives located in the front. The drive bays are removable, if extra space inside the case is required. A detachable dust filter is located behind the front panel and on the bottom panel on the Standard Version, while the SGC1 Window also has a magnetic fastening dust filter on the top panel.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGC1 ATX Midi Tower is now available from authorized retailers. The Sharkoon SKILLER SGC1 Window is also now available in the color versions red, green, blue and black.

Sharkoon Quickstore One | USB 3.1 Interface | USB Type C Port | Suitable for a 2.5" HDD/SSD | Tool-Free Installation | Data Transfer Rate up to 10 Gbit/s

With the Sharkoon Quickstore One, the range of external enclosures with a USB 3.1 interface expands further. It features a USB Type C port and is suitable for tool-free installation of a 2.5" HDD/SSD with a maximum height of 9.5 mm. The case is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X and Linux. The recommended retail price is 24.99 euros.

Sharkoon has historically offered a large variety of external hard drive enclosures and, with the new Quickstore One, introduces the third portable storage solution with a USB 3.1 interface. The top cover is comprised of brushed aluminium, which is available in the color versions of black or silver, with a plastic underside in black for both versions. The compact dimensions measure 130 x 83 x 16 mm, with a weight without a built-in hard drive of 92.5 grams. The Quickstore One is aimed at those customers who prefer a completely tool-free and fast installation of 2.5" drives without having to sacrifice the high transfer rates of USB 3.1. The hard drive easily installs by hand in a few simple steps: push the underside to slide it open and insert a 2.5" HDD or SSD. Maximum height of usable drives is 9.5 mm. The enclosure offers a USB 3.1 interface with a USB Type C port. The case connects to a computer by means of the provided 100 cm long USB cable with Type C plug to Type C plug. In combination with USB 3.1, the built-in Asmedia Controller, ASM1351 and ASM1542 offer a data transfer rate of up to 10 Gbit/s. The case is compatible with both SATA Revision 3.0 and earlier SATA Revisions. A status LED next to the USB Type C port indicates data transfer. Plug and Play is provided for the supported operating systems Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X and Linux.

The Quickstore One is now available in the color versions black and silver.

Sharkoon SM1 Clip-On Microphone Made from Robust Metal | Unidirectional Directional Characteristic | Removable Pop Filter | Complement for Headphones| 31 Grams Total Weight | 3.5 mm Microphone Jack (TRS) | 250 cm Cable Length

Sharkoon expands their range of input devices and introduces, with the SM1, a clip-on microphone made from metal. If offers a wide range of applications plus the SM1 supplements every type of headphones with a microphone function and, accordingly, allows it to be used as a headset.

The SM1 from Sharkoon is a metal lavalier microphone, which is particularly suitable as a complement for headphones. Thanks to its metal clip, the microphone can attached, for example, to the cable of the preferred headphones or directly to clothing. It is also suitable for applications such as lectures, presentations, video production, podcasts and streaming. Thanks to its lightweight of only 31 grams, including cable, and with its compacted dimensions, the black SM1 ensures discreet use. The 250 cm long cable guarantees maximum freedom of movement.

The directional characteristic of the microphone is unidirectional and especially designed for voice recordings. Frontal incoming sound is preferred for recording, while lateral incoming sound is accounted for extensive spatial sound. However, sound coming from behind is muted and not recorded. The SM1 is additionally equipped with a foam pop filter to assist against wind and movement noise, which is easily removable, if necessary. Specifications include an impedance of 0.68 kΩ ± 30% at a frequency range of 50 Hz to 16,000 Hz; and a sensitivity specified at -68 DB ± 3 db. The SM1 connects via a 3.5 mm microphone jack (TRS) to all conventional PCs and notebooks with a corresponding microphone port.

The Sharkoon SM1 is now available from authorized retailers.